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Discover Your Goals (In Gym)
Discover Your Goals (Online)
Nutrition Discovery Call
Meet with our nutrition coach and discuss your goals and needs for nutrition coaching. Together we will discuss the best approach you need to help support you in meeting your goals!
Nutrition One-Hour Consult
One hour consult with our nutrition coach. Discuss your current situation, goals, gain insight and guidance into your personal nutrition and habit journey and create an outline game plan to help you achieve your healthy eating goals.
Personal Training Session
Movement and Health Assessment
Get to know your body and how it moves! In this full-body assessment our trainers will test your range of motion, flexibility and movement patterns. They will identify imbalances and give you corrective exercises to help improve your movement. You will chat about nutrition, health habits, and create a plan to work on each part of your life. Body composition testing is also available if desired.
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Member Body Comp Scan
In-Body Composition Scan and Consult