True Benchmarking

The best way to track your fitness level is to measure and perform benchmark workouts. Logging prescribed benchmarks is also much simpler than having to have to type in different weights and exercises. Track your progress and compare yourself with the community.

Event Feed

At the center of Wodboard is the feed, a beautiful social event stream of all the activities. Your own, your friends’, affiliate members or whoever you would like to follow! Want to get notified of an Annie Mist PR? Go ahead and press the follow button.


Aside from being your personal workout log you get the feedback you deserve from the community. Comment on your friends scores and tell them they did a good job or even just ask them how they partitioned those pull-ups. The Wodboard makes it easy to compare progress and interact with your CrossFit friends.

Focus on the Individual

Wodboard is a free tool for individuals to track their progress. Most CrossFit tools target affiliates because of simpler sales. We believe a focus on you, the athlete, will make for a better user experience.

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