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Software that works for your gym

WodBoard seamlessly handles payments, bookings, performance logging and much more.

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Memberships and passes

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Charge weekly, fortnightly or monthly monthly memberships with notice periods and minimum terms

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Class passes

Charge a one time amount for a fixed number of classes. Can include an optional expiry time

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One offs

Charge for access to a single class. Perfect for drop-ins, PT slots or irregular customers.

Lifting first debuted in the 1896 Olympics featuring two events: the "one handed lift" and the "two handed lift"


Events and booking

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Setup different venues so members know where classes are happening

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Recurring classes

Recurring classes occur at the same time each day or week

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Single classes

Single classes are one offs. Perfect for events, compeitions or teaching.

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Booking limits

Limit how many classes athletes can attend each day/week/month

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If a class is full athletes can be added to a waitlist with a choice of promotion algorithms.

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Booking windows

Classes can be configured to only allow booking from a certain time.

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Late checkouts

Configure a late period of time and charge the late checkouts.

There are over 14,000 Crossfit boxes worldwide



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Card payments

We support Stripe integration for debit and credit card payments

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Direct Debits

We support GoCardless integration for payments via direct debit

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Pay by invoice

Athletes can buy memberships & goods without payment. Their bill is then settled automatically at the end of the month

The Burpee was invented by American physiologist Royal H. Burpee as a quick and simple way to assess fitness



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Program entry

Quickly enter programming with our optimised interface

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Release times

Choose how long before a class the details of the session are available

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Coach notes

Add notes for the whole class, to be shown on the WOD screen

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Private notes

Add private notes just for coaches

The most frequently logged movement on WodBoard is the Squat


Whiteboard and class screens

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Programming screens

Show the programming and whiteboard on a big screen in your gym

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Performance recording

Athletes enter their strength & workout scores

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Attendance screen

Athletes can quickly mark their attendance at a class

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New customers signup

Register new customers in under a minute with our quick signup page

Nearly 400,000 athletes competed in the Crossfit Open 2018



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1 click booking

Wodboard learns athletes training habits and can book them into class with just a single click

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Comments & Likes

Athletes can comment & like on others members performances

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Consistency Graph

A graph highlights one of the most important aspect of training

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Calendar Sync

Athletes see their classes in one place and sync to their favourite Calendar such as Google Calendar

The Snatch world records are 216kg for Men and 151kg for Women


The boring but necessary stuff

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Add Waivers Athletes must agree to. Waivers can be accepted via a signature, initials or checkbox.

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Dates and times appear in your local country format. We handle timezones seamlessly as well

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Data storage

Choose the information you require from athletes when joining your gym and limit signups to just add this

There's a Crossfit box in Greenland (which has a population of just 56,000!)


Reports & admin

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View 15+ reports with everything from most the popular classes to athletes most likely to leave.

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Staff permissions

Add staff and control their access. So you coaches can’t access financial information for example

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Email templates

All emails sent out by WodBoard are customisable so you can tailor them to your brand style