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Software that works for your gym

WodBoard seamlessly handles payments, bookings, performance logging and much more.

Memberships and passes


Charge weekly, fortnightly or monthly monthly memberships with notice periods & min. terms

Class passes

Charge a one time amount for a fixed number of classes. Can include an expiry time

One offs

Charge for access to a single class. Perfect for drop-ins, PT slots or irregular customers.

Multiple types

Memberships and packs can be for classes, services, room rentals or even hybrids

Lifting first debuted in the 1896 Olympics featuring two events: the "one handed lift" and the "two handed lift"

Events and booking


Classes can occur once or recur at the same time each day/week


Events can be charged or free. Perfect for PTs, workshops or coaching.


Courses are where a customer pay up front for a series of sessions

Online classes

Zoom integration means athletes just need to click to join your online classes


If a class is full athletes can be added to a waitlist with a choice of promotion algorithms.

Booking limits

Limit how many classes athletes can attend each day/week/month


Limit which memberships can book onto which classes

Late checkouts

Configure a late period of time and charge the late checkouts.

There are over 14,000 Crossfit boxes worldwide


Mobile app

Athletes can access everything they need via our native mobile app for Android or iOS.

1 click booking

Wodboard learns athletes training habits and can book them into class with just a single click

Consistency Graph

A graph highlights one of the most important aspect of training

Calendar Sync

Athletes see their classes in one place and sync to their favourite Calendar such as Google Calendar

Track progress

Athletes can record scores and see their progression over time


Automatic tracking of Personal Bests (Personal Records in USA)


Athletes can comment & like on other members performances


Manage bookings for dependents under one account

The Burpee was invented by American physiologist Royal H. Burpee as a quick and simple way to assess fitness


Program entry

Quickly enter programming with our optimised interface

Built-in workouts

All the heros, named girls and Crossfit Open workouts are built in


Program at a percentage and we'll work out what each athlete should target from their PBs/PRs

Advanced options

Supersets, barbell complexes, variable sets, EMOMs and much more

Online classes

Link to a zoom room or include pre-recorded videos that can be followed along at home

Release times

Choose how long before a class the details of the session are available


Add notes for the whole class or just for the coaches

The most frequently logged movement on WodBoard is the Squat

Whiteboard and class screens

Programming screens

Show the programming and whiteboard on a big screen in your gym

Performance recording

Athletes enter their strength & workout scores

Attendance screen

Athletes can quickly mark their attendance at a class

New customers signup

Register new customers in under a minute with our quick signup page

Nearly 400,000 athletes competed in the Crossfit Open 2018

Mobile App

Android & iOS

Our native app works on both Android & iOS for athletes and gym staff

Fast booking

Our mobile optimised calendar makes booking classes ridiculously quick

Push notifications

Waitlist, booking and whiteboard comment/like push notifications

Auto sign-ins

Athletes can be signed into classes automatically when close to the gym

The Snatch world records are 216kg for Men and 151kg for Women


Design & Style

Upload images and categorise products for a great shopping experience


Track inventory and be alerted when stock is low, even across locations

Point Of Sale

Sell from your gym with our dedicated POS app and optional card reader

App ordering

Athletes can order on their mobile app and pickup when at your premises

WodBoard was founded in 2018 and has been serving Crossfit and functional fitness gyms around the world ever since

Reports & admin


View 40+ reports from most the popular classes to athletes most likely to leave.


Send messages to athletes mobile devices and/or email address

Staff permissions

Add staff and control their access. So you coaches can’t access financial information for example

Email templates

All emails are customisable so you can tailor them to your brand style

Zapier integration

Link WodBoard to your favourite accounting system/mailing list/spreadsheet


Track key metrics and see how they change over time

Multiple Locations

Run multi-location gyms with ease from the one WodBoard account

Conversion Tracking

Track the conversion of new customers from online adverts

There's a Crossfit box in Greenland (which has a population of just 56,000!)


Card payments

We support Stripe integration for debit and credit card payments

Direct Debits

We support GoCardless integration for payments via direct debit

Offline Payments

Record income that take place outside WodBoard so you have all payments recorded in one place

Point Of Sale

Sell from your gym with an integrated card reader. Supports contactless & PIN payments

The world record for triple unders is an astonishing 521 reps

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

(extra charge applies)


Generate custom forms to get leads into the system. Create as a link or embed in your website.


Leads are tracked with a state so it's easy to see who needs a follow ups.


See how leads progress through your funnel and identify your weak points in converting them


All correspondence from customers and leads come into a single place where you can reply


Send messages via SMS to get a higher response rate than email. Perfect for new Leads


Automatically send lifecycle emails such as when a customer has attended 100 classes

Follow ups

Let the system track and alert you when you need to follow up with somebody

Template library

Choose from our best practice campaign sequences and tweak to your brand style.

WodBoard gyms using our CRM see a much higher conversion rate from trials to paid customers

The boring but necessary stuff

Legal Documents

Add Waivers or terms & conditions Athletes must agree to before booking.


Dates and times appear in your local country format. We handle timezones seamlessly as well

Data Storage

We comply with industry best practices and are fully GDPR compliant for EU based customers.

Data Migration

We'll import your data from your current provider so your transition is as seamless as possible.